S·O·S 流体分析

S·O·S 流体分析

Identify Minor Issues Before They Require Major Repairs

Proper fluid maintenance is imperative to keep machines and engines operating at peak performance. S·O·S fluid analysis from 新葡京博彩官网 provides a reliable means for early detection of potential problem areas.


By monitoring equipment throughout its lifecycle, S·O·S fluid analysis helps to identify minor issues before they grow into major repairs, 从而优化性能, 最大限度地提高生产力, 保护贵重设备, reducing operating costs and increasing resale values.

Sophisticated Analytical 技术 is the Key

澳门新葡京博彩最先进的, highly sophisticated analytical technology, 我们经验丰富的技术人员测试油, coolant and fuel samples collected at regularly scheduled intervals. 你会收到清楚的, concise and timely reports consisting of careful interpretations and precise recommendations by our 猫 certified interpreters. Download this “Understanding Your Results” document to learn more about your S·O·S 流体分析结果. We can answer any questions you have, discuss report specifics, and help develop an S·O·S fluid analysis plan uniquely suited to your operations.


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  • 石油测试, 通过元素分析, 油况检查, 粘度, 洁净度的颗粒计数, 物理测试识别水, and analytical testing to quantify fuel and coolant contamination.


  • 一级测试, 为经常监测提供pH值, 乙二醇%, 冻结点, 煮点, 总硬度, 导电率, and 目视检查 for presence of oil, 气味, 泡沫和固体.
  • 二级测试, for advanced testing including all the Level 1 tests plus chemical composition analysis to provide an in-depth view of coolant condition.


  • DEF测试, using an oil sampling kit, conform urea content and identify hydrocarbon contamination.
    Kit: Diesel Exhaust Fluid / Part #OILSMPL1


  • 燃料1, Basic fuel testing provides biodiesel content, 元素分析, 卡尔费雪水, 微生物生长, 粒子数, 硫含量及目测.
  • 燃料2, Fuel Monitoring can help identify diesel contamination such as gasoline with color, 密度, 蒸馏曲线, 十六烷指数, and 粘度 while still providing biodiesel content, 元素分析, 卡尔费雪水, 微生物生长, 粒子数, 含硫量, 目视检查.
  • 燃料3, Fuel Storage provides long term storage parameters such as clear and bright, 闪点, and oxidation stability as well as biodiesel content, 元素分析, 卡尔费雪水, 微生物生长, 粒子数, 含硫量, 目视检查, 十六烷指数, color, 密度, 蒸馏曲线, 粘度.
  • 冷测试, an add-on test to any fuel kit when cold temperatures are a concern providing the pour point, 浊点, 燃油冷滤芯堵塞点.
    试剂盒:冷测试* /第#部分:COLDTEST (*Cannot be purchased without a fuel kit)

S·O·S的好处 流体分析

S·O·S fluid analysis provided by 新葡京博彩官网 is one of the most important maintenance support programs available to machine owners because it:

  • Detects problems early, so they can be repaired before becoming major failures
  • Monitors positive as well as negative performance, so you won’t pay for component repair prematurely
  • Allows you to monitor maintenance schedules to verify routine maintenance has been performed
  • Enables you to better manage budgets and project timelines by predicting repairs, 停机时间和设备寿命
  • Helps develop a complete service history for each machine, which is valuable insight for evaluating performance, planning replacement purchases and commanding higher prices at trade-in or sale