拥有业界最广泛的柴油系列, 气体, 移动发电机组, 微型电网, 自动转换开关, 开关设备和控制器, the 新葡京博彩官网 team is dedi猫ed to finding the right power systems solution to keep you on time and on budget. 我们的核心价值观是建立建立在信任基础上的长期关系, and we will work with you for the life of your power system – from configuration to installation to continued operation.


® 电力 and 新葡京博彩官网 offer feature-rich standardized power system solutions with the GC Line of generators, and we also bring decades of experience and expertise to help you custom-design an electric power generator system to your specifi猫ions. 你是否是电气承包商, 工程采购与施工, 架构师, 机械工程公司或电气工程公司, 华伦卡特拥有您工作所需的连续和待机电源解决方案.

澳门新葡京博彩和卡特彼勒® are trusted providers of reliable emergency standby power generators for healthcare facilities, 市政和其他关键基础设施. We offer unmatched support for the life of your equipment and the industry’s widest range of products like generator sets, 微型电网, 自动转换开关, 和开关设备, 这样你就可以设计并可靠地保持一个连续的电源, 适合您业务的备用电源或调峰电源系统. 可选柴油, 燃气和新葡京博彩官网发电机组, 再加上可持续系统,如热电联产和太阳能技术, 新葡京博彩官网 can partner with you on projects of any size across any industry including hospitals and healthcare, 教育, 制造业, 数据中心, 垃圾填埋场, 园艺, 发电厂, 电信, 矿业, 建设, 市政和污水处理厂, 和更多的.


权力.猫.com is 猫’s online sales platform that allows you to quickly and easily find and research information about 电力 products that meet your operational requirements. Browse available inventory and build custom bespoke solutions based on your unique appli猫ions. 权力.猫.Com已设计制作了上浆工艺, 选择和订购正确的生成器更简单,更快捷.

Begin sizing your generator set today in 3 simple steps – (1) Select load types for your project, (2)确定用电负荷, (3)计算你的电力需求. With this information, you can view our matching inventory or request a custom quote. 开始大小和配置您的猫发电机组今天通过访问 权力.猫.com.

If you would like to know more about this online tool or need additional assistance from a 新葡京博彩官网 electric power professional, 请填写下面的简短表格以便后续联系.

备用发电机从20千瓦到4.5 MW

猫 GC线标准化包装(40kw至1250ekw)

The new 猫 GC Line diesel generator sets share the same quality and performance as our critical appli猫ion product line but are value engineered to decrease footprint and reduce installation costs, 运费和拥有成本. 猫 GC stationary standby diesel gensets range from 40 to 1250 ekW to fit a large variety of appli猫ions and are fitted with an IP65 rated auto mains GCCP Controller as standard with a user-friendly Control Panel interface. Our Extended 服务 Coverage (ESC) options help protect your investment and also relieve your budget from unplanned or unscheduled repairs.

猫 GC线的其他优势包括:

  • 排放符合世界上大多数法规
  • 优异的瞬态响应和稳态性能
  • 所有产品均通过UL 2200认证
  • 大修寿命长
  • 可提供开放式或带减声外壳
  • 可定制的维护计划
  • 零件可用性(92%的填充率和99%的隔夜订单完成)
  • 由多个地点的经验丰富的技术人员提供支持



从20千瓦到4兆瓦的功率潜力, 我们的柴油发电机组是按照世界一流标准制造的, 为了高效率, 低油耗,符合全球排放标准. Our commercial and industrial generator sets come in a range of options to match your power needs, 使选择和安装简单. 发现专为您的需求而设计的电源.


燃气发电机组(50千瓦至4千瓦.5 MW)

范围从50千瓦到4.5 MW in a single unit, our 气体 generator sets are easy to select, permit and install. Our industrial and commercial 气体 generator sets are proven for reliable operation with a wide range of 气体eous fuels including natural 气体, 氢, 来自垃圾填埋场和沼气池的沼气, 煤气, 丙烷和替代燃料. 我们的建筑经久耐用, 低生命周期成本的电力系统,我们与控制集成, 排气系统, 燃料系统, 组合冷却/加热/电源滑块和开关设备.

We are at our best when we design our project in close partnership with our customer, and we are your expert advisers for any size commercial and industrial generator sets in any regulatory environment. 当你需要动力的时候,卡特彼勒和华伦卡特彼勒都能迎难而上.



如果标准化发电机组解决方案不能满足您的需求, we also offer personalized expert consultations for more robust designs that can be customized to your specifi猫ions, 提供您所需的可靠电力. 沃伦CAT自定义发电机包设计包括:

  • 开关设备和并联控制. 毛毛虫 switchgear and control panels are suitable for appli猫ions ranging from single standby/load management to multi-unit utility paralleling installations. We offer both low and medium voltage standard and custom switchgear solutions with a user-friendly Human Machine Interface. 卡特彼勒的ISO-9001设施可以提供UL891, UL1558, ULMV, cUL或CSA标签开关柜,以满足您的特定需求.
  • 自动和手动转换开关 for reliable backup power transfer during power outages to connect the utility feed into your system, 监控电源和信号发电机开关.

微型电网 & 可再生能源系统

猫 微型电网 provide cost-effective power for on- and off-grid communities and commercial or industrial installations. By combining renewable energy from our photovoltaic solar modules and advanced energy storage solutions with traditional generation from utilities or generator sets, 我们可以根据您的需求开发一个专门设计的能源系统. 猫微电网将所有的电源组合成一个单一的电源, controllable entity to optimize the flow of energy so it can be produced at the lowest total costs.


当购买不是最好的选择, 我们的新葡京博彩官网电源团队可以为您提供具体的电源要求, 燃料消耗, fuel tolerance and overall operating costs for a variety of needs and appli猫ions, from lighting and temperature control for events to continuous power at remote lo猫ions or backup power for critical operations. 我们从系统设计到安装和操作支持, 全程为客户提供专业知识 西德克萨斯州和俄克拉荷马州.