New Cat® Compactors & Rollers For Sale In OK & TX

Warren CAT is the authorized dealer of new Cat® compactors and rollers in Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle. We have multiple locations throughout the region to provide you with the most outstanding construction equipment sales and service the industry has to offer. Our experienced sales team understands the importance of having optimal equipment solutions at your disposal to maximize your company's productivity.

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Compactors and Rollers by Caterpillar

Compacting to precise specifications is a critical part of many paving, landfill and soil applications. Industries like construction, recycling, agriculture, landscaping and waste management rely on compactors and rollers capable of precision performance. If your job involves packing soil, spreading, grading, filling air voids or other types of compacting, Warren CAT is your source for the most reliable equipment options.

We offer a range of models for your specific applications, including:

Benefits of Cat Compactors and Rollers

Cat compactors and rollers have set the industry standard for decades because of their durability and reliability through the harshest outdoor conditions and most demanding applications. The compactors and rollers for sale at Warren CAT provide the highest operator comfort levels and contain the most advanced control systems on the market. A new Cat compactor will be a productive addition to your construction equipment fleet for many years.

Some of the primary features and benefits of Cat compactors and rollers include:

  • Access to the most modern controls and features to boost operator performance and increase productivity.
  • The newest safety features to decrease the risk of employee and job site accidents and injuries.
  • Fewer repairs and minimal maintenance for new equipment, leading to lower operating costs and a higher profit margin.
  • Coverage from the best warranties in the industry providing extra protection and peace of mind.
  • Better value retention over its lifetime than most other brands, meaning you'll receive top dollar when reselling or trading in an old model.

Advantages of Choosing Warren CAT for Your Construction Equipment Needs

In addition to our heavy equipment's superior performance, reliability and durability, the knowledge and experience of the Warren CAT sales staff and service team are unparalleled. Our commitment to you doesn't stop when we deliver your equipment. We'll stand by your side throughout the life of your machine.

Some of the advantages of a partnership with us are:

  • Parts and Service: Our highly skilled technicians can handle all your service needs, from maintenance to repairs to component rebuilds, and cost-efficient Customer Value Agreements help keep maintenance costs down, service scheduled and more predictable, and help prolong the operational life of your equipment. We also offer an extensive physical parts inventory on top of more than 1.4 million parts.
  • Flexible Financing: We'll work closely with your company to create a flexible financial arrangement that fits your budget.
  • Innovative Technology: New rollers and compactors can use Cat Connect and the most modern Cat technology available to help increase efficiency and productivity, allowing you to do more work in less time.

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